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Admission Policy

Admission Policy for

Discovery International School


Approved by the board August 28, 2022


§1. General

Discovery International School is a private elementary and middle school with primary instruction in English, however, students are not required to speak English in order to be admitted at Discovery. Multilingualism, with a special focus on Norwegian, is a core area of learning at Discovery. The school is open to all students, without discrimination, from all over the country, ranging in age from 6 to 16 years old. Discovery International School aims to create a culture of diversity, inclusivity, excellence in learning, and a love of learning while imparting an international mindset. The school year runs from August to June.


§2. Reference to Legislation

The Admission Policy is given with the basis of “Friskoleloven § 3-1 og rundskriv Udir-5-2010”.


§3. Application deadline

The main application deadline (for an August start)  is April 22nd of the same year. The final application deadline is September 27th. Applications received after September 27th will only be considered if the school has the space and resources to accommodate an additional student. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis and all applications received by the application deadline will be considered. The application deadline is subject to change from year to year. Should the situation arise where the school receives more applications than vacant spots, applicants will be prioritized based on the “Priorities of Admission” criteria below. 


Applications received after the main application deadline will be placed on a waiting list, and prioritized according to the criteria below in the “Priorities of Admission” section. Should there be additional vacancies after the main application deadline, but before the final admission deadline of the same year (see admission section §5), those spots will be filled in accordance with the criteria of the Priorities of Admission section below.  


§4. Priorities of Admission 

The school's principal is responsible for the admission of students to the school, as well as placing them in the right class. The Board makes the decision on the number of students admitted annually, within the total number of students at the school approved by the Directorate of Education (UDiR).  The school can have up to 230 students, with a maximum number of 25 in each class.


If the school has more applicants than the number of places, the school can prioritize according to the following ranked criteria:

  1. Children of permanent employees and of board members 

  2. Siblings of students who already attend the school 

  3. Former students returning to Norway after an overseas stay 

  4. Native English speaking children or children who have attended an English speaking school for more than six months.

  5. International students. An international student meets one or more of the following requirements;

    • At least one parent has a passport other than Norwegian 

    • Students who have a passport other than Norwegian 

    • Students who have a native language other than Norwegian 

  6. Children of parents or legal guardians who show interest in our school by asking for information

  7. If applicants are identical to the criteria, the date of application will apply as seniority.


All students prioritized based on the criteria above will need to be able to provide documentation upon request to prove their qualifications for prioritization. 

§5. AdmissionThe school will have a final admission deadline as of September 27th, of the same school year, for all applicants with the exception of students meeting the criteria of the Priorities of Admission numbered 1-6.

Applicants who are offered admission to the school will receive a legal notice (enkeltvedtak) of their acceptance and an offer to enroll at the school. The deadline for confirming enrollment in the school is two weeks after the date of notification. If no response is received before the deadline, it will be understood that the student does not want to accept the open place and enroll in the school. In the case that a place is offered and declined, the student will be removed from the waiting list. 

Students who are offered admission, in the middle of a semester, must be able to start at the school within one month after enrollment confirmation unless otherwise agreed upon by the school principal and school board. 


§6. Your rights

Applications will be processed in relation to Section 3-1 of the Free School Act (Friskoleloven § 3-1). Parents have the right to complain about decisions about admission. Complaints can be submitted to the school’s board, and the board will in turn submit the complaint to the Fylkesmannen in Viken. Complaints can also be submitted directly to the Fylkesmannen.


§7. Payment
Discovery International School is a private school and although it is subsidized by the government, parental tuition (skolepenger or “foreldrebetaling”) will be required by law. The Norwegian Ministry of Education (UDiR - Utdanningsdirektoratet) regulates the maximum sum for the parental tuition payment, and this amount can be increased at their discretion. It is free to apply to the school, but a non-refundable administration fee of NOK 1500 will be billed shortly after signing the contract for admission. This fee will be deducted from the first parental payment invoice in August. The parental tuition payments will be billed monthly, with a due date on the 1st of each month.


§8. Change of this Admission Policy

The Board may change these rules at any time, as long as the changes are in accordance with the applicable laws of the Free School Act (Friskoleloven med vedtekter), as well as the school's statutes.

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