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Discovering Faith

Although Discovery is not a Christian school, the owners are Christians, and as such, Christian values are important to the school. We will teach and practice Norwegian traditional values, morals, and ethics in line with Christianity, such as kindness, putting others before yourself, forgiveness, self-control, empathy, encouraging and serving one another, honesty, integrity, respect for others and property, and the Golden Rule to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We believe that faith is a big part of holistic education, and following the KRLE requirements, we will teach and educate our students on Christianity as well as the other main world religions. Conflict between religions is an inherent part of the subject matter, and we will present conflicting points of view in a reflective, considerate, truthful, and safe manner. 


Our goal is to educate our students on each of the major world religions by answering the following questions: 

  1. What is the history and nature of this religion?

  2. What are the sacred texts and how do you study them contextually (a hermeneutical understanding)?

  3. What are the major oppositions to this religion and how do people defend it?

  4. What position does each religion take with regards to contemporary moral issues? 

  5. What is extremism and how should it be dealt with? 

We believe children, should have a clear, educated, reflective understanding of the history and nature of each religion. A basis of that understanding means looking into the sacred texts and studying them from an age-appropriate hermeneutical perspective. Over time, this will also demystify these texts and give children a clear understanding of how they can navigate and study what is written for themselves. We believe that it is not only an opportunity but an obligation to give our children the knowledge and tools that we hope will lead to choices about faith that create a solid foundation on which to stand in a changing world. 

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