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Discovery Tuition

Discovery International School Tuition will be charged on a monthly basis, with the exception of July. Optional fees will be charged separately. The cost of the Nutrition Plan is in addition to the Tuition. Please see the Nutrition page for detailed information. The due date for school tuition is the 1st of every month. School tuition is regulated by Norwegian law. 

Tuition Grades 1-10


2022-2023 School Tuition:

2 390 kr per month. (26 290 kr. per year) 

If enrollment reaches 40 students on October 1, 2023, tuition will be eliminated and we will instead accept donations from parents who want to help financially.

Nutrition Program Cost:

Requires 22 students enrolled 

1850 kr. per month (11 months) 

DASA Tuition (our SFO program and other activities):

• Please see the options on our DASA page. 

Tuition and the nutrition program are based on an 11-month payment schedule, so it is the yearly cost of the programs divided by 11. It does not depend on how many school days are in the month. 

Please Note:

  • School Tuition is regulated by Norwegian Law. Discovery is not charging parents the maximum we are allowed to charge.  

  • Sibling tuition, after the first child, is 50%. The cost of the nutrition program remains the same. If you are in need of reduced tuition, please contact us. 

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