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Supporting Discovery Financially 

Discovery International School is a non-profit organization, that desires to provide the absolute best international education possible for children in the Ringerike, Jevnaker, Hole, and Gran communities of Norway. We have a very special structure, that takes the science of music and learning environments into consideration, in order to craft an experience like no other and maximize our students' learning potential. 

Discovery will bring a new opportunity to children and families in the Ringerike region that previously didn't exist. It will be a benefit to both businesses and parents. Parents who previously didn't consider Ringerike as an option to live in because of the lack of an international school, can now add Ringerike to their list of possible locations. Businesses who couldn't attract certain employees, because the Ringerike region lacked an international school, will now be have that benefit available.

We greatly appreciate any donations made to help support Discovery International School! Thank you for your help!

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