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The Imaginarium Lab

What do you think of when you see the word, "Imaginarium?" Does the word itself stimulate your imagination and conjure up fantasy and creativity? We hope so! 

On some of our other webpages, we have written about how Discovery will be an interdisciplinary school, which means that a topic from one discipline will be explored and applied in other disciplines as well. When students study a given topic, we aren't interested in seeing if they can memorize it long enough to do well on a test and then forget about it soon afterwards. Students at Discovery will be immersed into their education in a hands-on way, and they will be asked to look at a topic of study from multiple viewpoints and disciplines. They will learn through doing, serving, designing, and creating.

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Discovery's Imaginarium Lab that is in development, will be a space dedicated to creativity, innovation, design, and thinking "outside-the-box." Students will have two to three classes from varying disciplines in this lab every week that will focus on tackling the topic at hand from unexpected perspectives. Although this space won't be the only place transdisciplinary study is done, it will be a central hub for collaborating, brainstorming, and ditching that old box!


We want children to have a space dedicated to the imagination where they can actually transform their ideas from the intangible to the tangible. We want children to know that each one of them is extremely special, and their unique ideas could someday literally change the world! We will encourage our students to tackle issues that resonate with them, develop creative solutions, and put those solutions into practice. Discovery is a safe place to dream big! 

We welcome you to explore your creativity and challenge you to leave any boxes you carry at the door of our dream incubator! 

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