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Nutrition Program

We are looking forward to implementing our nutrition program again when we have enough students enrolled in it. It is optional, so we need 22 students enrolled in it, in order to be able to afford the cost of labor. The cost will be 1850 kr. per month, however, if we have 40 students enrolled in the school by October 1st, we will be eliminating mandatory tuition and going to a purely donation-based system. This will make the nutrition program more affordable to everyone!  

At Discovery, we believe that creating the best learning environment possible includes providing a foundation of nutrition that will support students during their school day and at home. Teaching healthy eating habits will also enable children to make healthier choices later in life.


Play and learning take lots of energy, and it is a scientific fact that well-nourished children do better in school and are more able to pay attention. Discovery students won't just be the recipients of a warm meal, they'll also take part in helping plan the lunch menu, find recipes, and sometimes take field trips to go grocery shopping! They will also help plant and cultivate a school garden, and we will teach them how to make different dairy products like cheese, butter, and even sometimes ice cream! In addition, at least once a month, every child will spend the morning helping to prepare the lunch meal for the day. If your child has food allergies or other special needs, we will provide special meals accordingly.

School Nutrition Program cost: Please see our Tuition Page

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