Nutrition Program

At Discovery, we believe that creating the best learning environment possible includes providing a foundation of nutrition that will support students during their school day and at home. Teaching healthy eating habits will also enable children to make healthier choices later in life.


Play and learning take lots of energy, and it is a scientific fact that well-nourished children do better in school and are more able to pay attention. Discovery students won't just be the recipients of a warm meal, they'll also take part in helping our School Nutritionist plan the lunch menu, find recipes, and sometimes take field trips to go grocery shopping! They will also help plant and cultivate our school garden, and we will teach them how to make different dairy products like cheese, butter, and even sometimes ice cream! In addition, at least once a month, every child will spend the morning helping to prepare the lunch meal for the day. If your child has food allergies or other special needs, we will provide special meals accordingly.

School Nutrition Program cost: Please see our Tuition Page

In addition to the daily warm lunch and healthy snacks every child will be served, we will have two additional meal options available for students:

  • Afternoon DASA GO! or DASA SFO from 15:05 - 17:00 where we will have an afternoon meal to fill up hungry tummies!


We want to provide as much flexibility as possible in our DASA programs so that you can choose what options fit your family life best. You can find more information about our DASA programs and the different options and costs here